Friday, October 8, 2010

My first two weeks of school here at my new campus are officially over! So glad! I have tons of reading to catch up on, and lots of other homework. My first paper and first test both are due next week, which I am a little excited about (nerdy I know!).

So because of all that school goodness, I haven't had time to sew anything yet! I tried making a pretty little flower decoration with my free motion foot. But I really hate my free motion foot. If I have more then one layer of fabric it just doesn't work.

Maybe I just need to practice more.

On another school note though, I did something crazy last night! My roommate convinced me to go to the Sorority recruit night. Turns out its an entire weekend event. Tonight is night two. I'm actually excited. The sororities here are wonderful, their main focus is on school, and of course sisterhood. Hopefully I actually get invited back for tomorrows invite only party night. I have the perfect dress for the occasion :)

Until next time though, has anyone heard of Tillandsias? They are a plant, that grows without water or soil. So I bought some :) From toHold's Etsy shop. I got two of her magnets. and I love love love them!

I actually found the link to her shop from this blog, Ponder and Stitch. I love this blog! Its full of whimsy and makes me happy to see her new posts :)

Do you have a favorite blog?

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